Party keg hire

Our party keg hire set up is easy to set up and use. All you need to do is is fill the esky with ice, connect the lines, engage the coupler on the keg and you’re ready to start pouring. Single and double tap units are available.

Party keg set up
Single tap party keg set up

How does it work? Inside the esky is a heavy aluminium plate with a coiled stainless beer line inside it. The plate is packed in ice. The beer is chilled as it passes through the plate. No electricity is needed.

A standard one to three day party keg hire for the equipment only, including gas, is $165 for a single tap set up and $200 for a twin tap set up. A security deposit is also required, $500 for the single tap and $650 for the twin tap.

We use large capacity coolers with extra thick walls. With more ice, your beer will keep colder and pour better. You will need about four five kilogram bags of ice.

If you are buying the beer from Casey’s as well, then there are discounts available for beer’n’gear packages. Please contact the brewery, or stop by to discuss your needs.