Fresh wort kits

Casey’s brewery has started making fresh wort kits. The kits are available from the brewery either on-line or in person, and at these homebrew shops in Sydney:

Absolute Homebrew, Penrith
Asquith Homebrew, Waitara
Dave’s Homebrew, North Sydney
The Hop & Grain Store, Marrickville

The Ultimate Homebrew, Gosford

Brewers Market, Belmont

Newcastle Homebrew, Islington


The core range is six varieties. As it is early days I am still building up the stock. Once I have adequate stock I will also brew a “select” range depending on the season, and availability of ingredients (ie hops). The first two candidates are a New England IPA and a Russian Imperial Stout.

The kits usually have a volume of just under 16 litres (labelled as 15.5 litres), make them up to 20 litres

Amarillo Ale A golden ale brewed with ale, pilsner and vienna malts along with light crystal and a pinch of brown malt for “salt and pepper”. Mashed at 66 – 67 degrees. Undiluted gravity 14.7 Plato (SG 1060). Hopping is straight Amarillo to about 42 IBU when diluted. Plenty of hops very late in the boil.

For dried yeasts use either Safale US-05 or Lallemand BRY-97. Using liquid yeasts, then any of the American strains will be well suited, however using a strain other than Wyeast 1056 or Whitelabs 001 will give the beer a more interesting fermentation character.

American Amber Ale A hoppy American Amber ale with a sweet toffee flavour set against a dry, malty background. Undiluted gravity 1064. Hopped with Centennial, Chinook and Cascade to 36 IBU at 20 litres. Undiluted gravity 1064. Dry hop with any of these hops singly or in combination. For dry yeast use Safale US-05 or with liquids use any attenuative American yeast.

American Pale Ale A classic American style pale ale. Brewed with ale, Munich and crystal malts. Mashed at 66/67 degrees. Undiluted gravity 14.7 Plato (SG 1059). Hopped to 35 IBU @ 20 litres with straight Cascade.

ESB (Extra Special Bitter), English style reddish/amber coloured bitter, slightly sweet. Brewed with ale, Munich, three crystal malts, chocolate and black malt. Mashed at 66 – 67 degrees. Undiluted gravity 15.2 Plato (SG 1062). Estimated bitterness on dilution 40 IBU. Hopped with Northdown and Fuggles. For dried yeasts use either Safale S-04, or Mangrove Jack’s New World Strong Ale. Wyeast ESB 1968 and Whitelabs English Ale WLP 002 will probably finish too sweet, try instead Wyeast London Ale III 1318, Thames Valley 1275, or Whitelabs British Ale WLP005 or Burton Ale WLP 023.

This ESB can also be brewed with less or no added water.

Kolsch A pale golden Cologne style ale. Brewed with pilsener and Vienna malts, and a pinch of coloured malt for “salt and pepper”. Undiluted gravity is 15.2 Plato (SG 1062). Hopping is Hallertau Mittelfruh to about 20 IBU when made up to 20 litres. Mashed at 67 degrees.

Yeast suggestions: Safale K-97 or US-05, any liquid Kolsch yeast.

This beer can also be brewed as a lager or pseudo lager.

Pilsener A golden Czech style Pilsener brewed using Pilsener and Munich malts with a dash of Carapils. Mashed at 67 degrees. Hopped to about 38 IBU with plenty of late Saaz. For dried yeasts the recommended yeast is Saflager W-34/70, otherwise Safale S-04 for a sweeter finish, Danstar Nottingham for a drier finish. Any Pilsener strain liquid yeast will also be good.  Optional dry hop with Saaz or Tettnamg.

Wheat Beer (details coming)

Black Lager A smooth and malty Central European style black lager. Brewed with Pilsener and Munich malts, German dark crystal malt, and black malt. For smoothness, the black malt was prepared separately with a 24 hour cold water infusion. Mash temperature was 66 degrees.  Bitterness of 22 IBU has been achieved using Magnum and Hallertau. Optional dry hop with Hallertau.

The recommended yeast is Saflager W-34/70. Safale S-04, Danstar Nottingham, and Mangove Jack New World Stong Ale would all be suitable ale yeasts. Heavy dry hopping with suitable American hops and Safale US-05 would turn this into a black IPA.

New England IPA (NEIPA) Brewed with equal amounts of ale and pilsner malts with a dash of Munich and oats. Mashed at 65 degrees. Undiluted gravity is 1068. Diluted to 20 litres the expected gravity is 1052. Hopped only in the whirlpool with two additions of a blend of Amarillo, Citra and Eldorado at a rate of 6 grams per litre of diluted wort.

Ferment with a soft English style yeast – Safale S-04, Wyeast 1318 London Ale III, Whitelabs London Fog, Burlington or East Coast. Safale US-05, Wyeast 1056 and Whitelabs California Ale are the wrong yeast for this style, they will give the beer a hard edge.

Dry hopping is recommended, add the hops once the gravity has reached about 1030. Use Citra, Eldorado, Amarillo or similar hops at a total rate of 3 to 5 grams per litre, add the hops in two doses separated by a few days. For this style dry hops are added before fermentation has finished.

This beer can be brewed undiluted or a smaller amount of water.