Beers on tap

The brewery bar has twelve taps, eleven beer and one cider. Currently (late March 2023) the beers on tap at Casey’s are:

Core Beers
These are the staple beers, on tap all the time.

  • Titfer – a hoppy American style amber ale. Caramel sweetness set against a dry malty background with 38 – 40 IBU of Centennial, Chinook and Cascade hops. 5% abv
  • Night – a smooth dark ale with rum and raisin chocolate flavours, 5% abv
  • Dark Lager – previously a short run beer, it’s now made it the big tanks!
  • Lounge – a pilsner inspired golden coloured ale, moderately well bittered with a mix of new world hops and Czech Saaz 4.8% abv
  • Kolsch – the classic German ale from Cologne (not this one), 5% abv
  • Hazy Tropical – a hazy tropical pale ale hopped with Talus and Cashmere hops, 4.9% abv
  • Jamison Lager – classic German style tank conditioned lager, 5.2% abv
  • Festbier – big malty German style lager, 5.7% abv
  • Mexican Ale – a pale and easy drinking beer in the style of Corona, made with generous additions of rice and corn. 5.1% abv.

Full descriptions of the above beers are here.

Short run beers (6/6/2024)
These are the current small batch beers on tap at Casey’s, they come and go quickly.

  • Red IPA – Deep mahogany colour, caramel sweetness on a dry, malty background. Well bittered at 45 IBU with Loral hops and a touch of Cascade. Alcohol is 5.6%
  • Spiced Liqueur Beer @ 17 % – Brussels meets Bangkok!. I made this beer from the first runnings of a wheat beer wort kit brew, added candy sugar and fermented it with a Belgian yeast followed by a champagne yeast. I then flavoured it with an infusion of lemon grass, galangal and a couple of other flavourings. The result is smooth, spicy and sweet leaving a warm after-glow. At 17% alcohol I’m serving this in 150 ml glasses only.
  • Lemon myrtle saison – Four grain saison (malted barley, malted wheat, rice and malted maize) finished with an infusion of lemon myrtle leaves. 5.2 % alcohol.
  • Australian Bitter Ale – A craft take on an old school Australian style. Malty with a touch of caramel sweetness balanced by a palate filling bitterness that lingers across the back of the palate. I really enjoy this beer as it brings back memories of being a little kid and my father giving me tastes of beer. Alc 5.2%.

Hillbilly cider from Bilpin is on tap.

Hours for the bar are:
Thursday 4 pm to 8 pm (last drinks 7:30 pm)
Friday 4 pm to 8 pm (last drinks 7:30 pm )
Saturday 12 pm to 8 pm (last drinks 7:30 pm)
Sunday 12 pm to 6 pm (last drinks 5:30 pm)

The address is 4/53-55 Regentville Rd, Jamisontown (South Penrith) NSW 2750