Beers on tap

The brewery bar has twelve taps, eleven beer and one cider. Currently (late March 2023) the beers on tap at Casey’s are:

Core Beers
These are the staple beers, on tap all the time.

  • Titfer – a hoppy American style amber ale. Caramel sweetness set against a dry malty background with 38 – 40 IBU of Centennial, Chinook and Cascade hops. 5% abv
  • Night – a smooth dark ale with rum and raisin chocolate flavours, 5% abv
  • Dark Lager – previously a short run beer, it’s now made it the big tanks!
  • Lounge – a pilsner inspired golden coloured ale, moderately well bittered with a mix of new world hops and Czech Saaz 4.8% abv
  • Kolsch – the classic German ale from Cologne (not this one), 5% abv
  • Hazy Tropical – a hazy tropical pale ale hopped with Talus and Cashmere hops, 4.9% abv
  • Jamison Lager – classic German style tank conditioned lager, 5.2% abv
  • Festbier – big malty German style lager, 5.7% abv
  • Mexican Ale – a pale and easy drinking beer in the style of Corona, made with generous additions of rice and corn. 5.1% abv.

Full descriptions of the above beers are here.

Short run beers (9/3/24)
These are the current small batch beers on tap at Casey’s, they come and go quickly.

  • “Partly” – part English pale ale, part traditional Australianbitter. A copper coloured malty beer with the full aroma of English East Kent Goldings, backed with a firm lingering after bitterness from Australian Pride of Ringwood hops all tied together with a soft aromatic English yeast. 5.2 % ABV.
  • Weizenbier – traditional Bavarian style wheat beer. The grist is half malted wheat, half malted barley, hopped with Magnum and Hallertau mittelfruh, fermented with the classic Weinstephan wheat yeast to give clove and banana flavours. Available in standard shcooners and middies, or the proper 700 ml wheat beer glass to allow for the traditionally big head. Alcohol 5.2%
  • Knuckleduster – a big, punchy IPA. The big malt hit belies the 55 IBUs of bitterness. Centennial and Chinook for an American hop flavour. 6.7% alcohol.
  • Spiced Liqueur Beer @ 17 % – Brussels meets Bangkok!. I made this beer from the first runnings of a wheat beer wort kit brew, added candy sugar and fermented it with a Belgian yeast followed by a champagne yeast. I then flavoured it with an infusion of lemon grass, galangal and a couple of other flavourings. The result is smooth, spicy and sweet leaving a warm after-glow. At 17% alcohol I’m serving this in 150 ml glasses only.

Hillbilly cider from Bilpin is on tap.

Hours for the bar are:
Thursday 4 pm to 8 pm (last drinks 7:30 pm)
Friday 4 pm to 8 pm (last drinks 7:30 pm )
Saturday 12 pm to 8 pm (last drinks 7:30 pm)
Sunday 12 pm to 6 pm (last drinks 5:30 pm)

The address is 4/53-55 Regentville Rd, Jamisontown (South Penrith) NSW 2750