Keg fills while you wait

I fill both post-mix (a.k.a. Cornelius or Cornie), and mini kegs. You can bring your own growler or squealer – I don’t care if it has another brewery’s name on it, or you can buy one here at the brewery.

Growler and keg fills while you wait: I fill

For Cornie and small keg refills we use standard ball-lock fillings. However, we can also accommodate some pin-lock fittings. For small commercial kegs we can fill A, D and M type kegs. Some small commercial kegs have proprietary fittings – usually as part of an integrated chill and dispense system. We cannot fill them. If you are not sure about your fittings contact the brewery with a photo. All kegs are filled to their full rated volume. Because I use a closed filling procedure, part fills are not practicable.

All growler and keg fills are done under counter pressure so your beer will stay gassed and fresher for longer. The basic glass growler is the easiest to fill.

Please make sure you growler or keg is clean, and preferably sanitised. Dirty vessels may incur a cleaning fee.

Descriptions of the beers are here.

Mexican Ale
Hazy Tropical,
Jamison Lager,
Dark Lager
Empty squealer & cap$9.50$9.50$9.50$9.50
Squealer fill$12$13$13$13.50
Empty growler & cap$13$13$13$13
Growler fill$20$22$22$23
2 litres$20$22$22$23
3 litres$27$29$30$31
5 litres$40$42$43$44
9.5 litres (half cornie)$69$75$78$82
10 litres$72$78$81$86
19 litres (full cornie)$135$142$147$157