Hello, my name is Pat Casey, and this is my brewery. It’s a 1,800 litre brewery in NSW at Jamisontown on Penrith’s southside. Somewhat later in life after a varied career, I found my vocation: to brew beer for people. There is a special satisfaction in bringing pleasure and joy to other people, I hope I do that with my beer.

My focus at Casey’s is to brew high quality everyday beers to sell online for home delivery. Because the beers are bottled under counter-pressure there is no sediment in the bottles so you can enjoy them cold straight from the bottle, or let them warm up a degree or two and take your time with them in a glass. I have three standard beers: a pale golden ale, an American style amber ale, and a smooth black ale. I have also just released (January 2018) the first of my special beers, a smokey red ale. More will be coming.

The beer is available in either straight or mixed cartons. Plus, you can also subscribe to receive a regular weekly, fortnightly, or monthly delivery with your credit card automatically debited.

To ensure my beer gets to you in the best possible condition the packaging has been specially designed, and I send it to you with Australia Post’s specialist wine delivery service. Delivery to the Sydney metro area and Blue Mountains is only $6.

Lastly, if you are not happy with the beer, or it arrives damaged, there is money back guarantee (see the info section for full details).

Hope you enjoy the beer, Pat