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A bit about our beer

Casey’s is an independent 1,800 litre brewery at Jamisontown in the Nepean Valley, NSW. It is owned and operated by the husband and wife team from Absolute Homebrew, Pat Casey and Ryoko Otaka. Pat is the brewer.

The brewery has operated since 2015 servicing contract and gypsy customers. It is now producing beers under the Casey’s name with the wombat brand.

We have a core range of classy everyday drinking beers:

  • Lounge: a pilsener inspired pale golden ale
  • Night: a dark ale in the NSW Old style
  • Titfer: a hoppy American style amber ale

In late November these will be joined by the first of our special and seasonal beers, a smokey red ale. The second special beer is planned to be a SMASH (single malt, single hop) pale lager.

The Casey's Story

At Casey’s we have taken a different tack to other breweries. Our focus is to sell the beer online for home delivery, including a subscription service.

This has benefits for both us at the brewery, and you our customers. For you the benefits include:

  • fresh beer that has been properly handled. To ensure the best possible delivery service we send the beer with Australia Post’s wine delivery service, this is a specialist division of Australia Post.
  • a better price than going through conventional distribution chanels,
  • direct communication with the brewery.

For us there are business and administrative benefits which give us more time to focus on the beer, and you our customers.

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Red Ale postponed

The planned brewing of the red ale was postponed because of an equipment failure. The connector for the compressor on the glycol chiller burnt out the day before the planned brew. Without the chiller I would not be able to properly cool the wort. It was replaced within a couple of days. Because of tank […]

Open day & red ale

The first open day went quite well. It was nice to see both new and old faces. For me the really good part of the day was just how well the trial red ale was received. It’s a smokey red ale. I’ve used a reasonable amount of smoked malt in it, but nowhere near enough […]

Red ale trial brews

I am planning a Red Ale as the first of the special beers. It has a twist, which I will be coy about. I’ve done two trial brews. The first was a few weeks ago. I got the twist right but not the colour. Usually the colour is obtained by using a fair amount of […]