The Casey’s Story

Persistence will Prevail

Casey’s is an 1,800 litre brewery at Jamisontown (Penrith) in western Sydney. It has been operating since May 2015 servicing various contract and gypsy brewers. As of late 2016 Casey’s has started producing under its own name.

The first two beers to be released are Lounge and Night. Lounge is a pilsner-inspired pale golden ale. Night is a medium bodied black ale with coffee, mocha, raisin and chocolate flavours — Toohey’s Old on steroids. They are both 4.8% alcohol by volume.

A third beer will be released in early 2017. It will be a copper coloured hoppy ale, a deeper coloured pale ale. This will complete a trio of everyday, or bread and butter beers. This will cover the three basic colours of beer: yellow, amber and black. Seasonal and special beers will follow.

You can buy the beer online here. The beer is packaged in 330 ml bottles and sold in six packs or cartons of 24. Mixed cartons of 12 Lounge and 12 Night are also available. For customers in the Penrith area and Blue Mountains to Katoomba there is free delivery for cartons. Otherwise, order the beer online and pick it up the next day at Absolute Homebrew at Penrith. Full details are on the shop page.

Once proper packaging and Australia Post are organised the beer will be available for home delivery almost anywhere in Australia. Expect early next year.

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