“Mitsu”, Amarillo single hop IPA

I’m currently working on an Amarillo single hop IPA. The first trial batch is available to taste at the brewery. It was a very simple one. I’ve had really good, just an Amarillo Ale wort kit brewed undiluted – I’ve had really good feedback about this wort kit.

I used a soft American yeast instead of the usual Safale US-05/Wyeast WLP001/Wyeast 1056. This yeast has a hard finish, and its lack of fermentation character makes it a bit boring, especially when so many beers are fermented with it. Extra Amarillo was added in the fermenter.

So far people have liked it. I will do another trial brew – but from scratch over the coming week.

Will call this beer “Mitsu” which is my mother-in-law’s name, she loves this style of beer. Will use this 1947 photo of her on the label.

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