Contract & gypsy brewing services

Casey’s provides services for contract and gypsy brewers. If you have a beer you want to brew yourself, or pay someone else to brew for you then we can help.

Contract brewing typically means having a beer brewed and packaged for you by the brewery. All you need to do is sell the beer. You will need a wholesale liquor license, but do not need to register for excise with the ATO. If you are bottling or canning the beer you will need to register the beers for the various container deposits schemes. You will also be responsible with payments to the scheme.

Gypsy brewing is where one or several people have brewing experience of some sort – even if it is just serious amateur brewing, and pay to use the brewery equipment. Gypsy brewers will typically have their own recipes, and have a good idea of the beer they are brewing. Their level of participation will depend on experience. Casey’s offers support and advice where necessary. For example recipes might need minor modification because of the change in equipment. Gypsy brewers need a wholesale liquor license but do not need to register for excise with the ATO. They also need to register for the various container deposit schemes in the states where they will sell their beer.

Our brewery is a 15 US barrel steam jacketed system – approximately 1,760 litres. Fees for contract and gypsy brewing are charged on a per batch basis with ingredients, utilities and consumables charged separately. The base fee includes use of the brewhouse and three weeks tank time including one transfer. We can clean and fill kegs, and have a six head Meheen bottle filler and pressure sensitive labeller.

Generally we would order the malt in from our supplier, Cryer, who stocks Barret Burston malts (Australia), Best Malts (Germany), Bairds and Thomas Fawcetts (both UK). If you wanted malt from other suppliers such as Gladfield or Voyager then it could be easily arranged but might attract extra freight costs. For gypsy brewers Casey’s prefers you to arrange hops, especially if they are in high demand.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Pat Casey at the brewery.