About the beers

At Casey’s I brew three core beers: Lounge, Night and Titfer. They cover the broad basics of the beer spectrum in terms of colour and hopping. I think of them as premium everyday, or bread-and-butter beers. The point being that you can enjoy high quality everyday things, you don’t need to keep the good stuff just for the special occasions. You can approach these beers as session beers, they’re great drinking straight from the bottle. Or, you can give them a glass and take a bit more time with them. Either way I am sure you and your friends will enjoy them.

Lounge is a pilsener inspired pale golden ale at 4.8% alcohol by volume. It has a light biscuity malt character with a delicate touch of caramel flavour. Bitterness is 30 IBU. It is brewed using a base of pilsener malt, along with Vienna malt, and a dash of CaraHell – a very pale caramel malt. It is mashed at a medium-warm temperature and fermented with a dry finishing American yeast. The bittering hops are Australian grown Ella and German Perle.  Czech Saaz is used as a flavour and aroma hop in the kettle – with a generous late addition, as well as dry hopping in the tank to give good hop flavour and aroma without excessive bitterness.

Night is a medium bodied black ale in the style of Toohey’s Old, though firmer and slightly dry in comparison. The malts used are ale, Munich, medium crystal, an extra dark crystal, chocolate and roast. The malt bill makes Night a malty black ale with with chewy toffee, raisin and chocolate flavours. It is mashed at a medium temperature, and fermented with a dry finishing English yeast. The bittering hop is Magnum, the flavour hops are English Goldings and Fuggles. Bitterness is about 22 IBU, and alcohol is 4.8% by volume. Of these three core beers, it is my sentimental favourite.

I call Titfer a 3C Amber ale for the hops in it: Centennial, Chinook and Cascade. At around 37 IBU it is the most bitter of the three beers, and it has lots of hop flavour and aroma from very generous use of hops late in the boil, and dry hopping in the tank. To carry both the bitterness and hop character, Titfer has a solid malt backbone. The malts used are ale, Munich, a fair whack of pale crystal malt, and a touch of amber malt. It is mashed at a lower temperature and fermented with a dry finishing American yeast. The result is a toffee sweetness set against a dry malty background with a nice hoppy aroma. Alcohol is 4.9%.

The Smokey Red Ale is the first of my specialty brews. It has a nice gentle mouth filling smokiness finishing slightly sweet with caramel and raisin flavours and a light lingering bitterness. Colour is mahogany/deep red. The base malt is Bairds Maris Otter. Weyermann smoked malt is at about 30%, pale crystal and Weyermann CaraAroma are about 6.5% each to give the caramel and raisin notes respectively, plus a pinch of roast barley to deepen the colour. It was mashed at 65 degrees, hopped to 25 IBU using Helga and Hallertau hops, and fermented with an English ale yeast. Alcohol is 5.5%.