Growler and keg fills

At Casey’s we do growler and keg fills while you wait. We fill both post-mix (Cornelius/Cornie) and mini kegs. Bring your own growler, we don’t care if it has another brewery’s name on it. Or, you can buy a glass growler from us. All growler and keg fills are done under counter-pressure so your beer stays gassed, and fresher for longer.

For Cornie and small keg refills we use standard ball-lock fillings. However, we can also accommodate pin-lock fittings. For small commercial kegs we can fill both A and D type kegs.

There are some small commercial kegs which have proprietary fittings – usually they have come from integrated chill and dispense systems. We cannot fill them. If you are not sure about your fittings, contact the brewery with a photo.

Lounge, Titfer & NightAzacca XPAPale LagerFestbierMitsu IPA
Empty growler & cap$12$12
Growler fill$18N/A N/A N/A$22
2 litres$18$18$20$21$22
3 litres$23.50$23.50$30
4 litres$30$30$38
5 litres$36.50$36.50$40$43$46
6 litres$43$43$54
7 litres$49.50$49.50$62
8 litres$56$56$70
9 litres$62.50$62.50$78
9.5 litres (half cornie)$66$66$72$77$85
10 litres$69$69$86
19 litres (full cornie)$125$125$135$145$160