First wort beer – Brettanomyces Stout

While brewing a new batch of Night several weeks ago, I collected about 35 litres of the first runnings. This is the best part of the wort. After boiling the gravity was 1085, it was hopped to 50 IBU with Fuggles. The cooled wort was divided into two batches, one of about 26 litres, the other 6 or so litres.

The larger batch was fermented normally with two strains of yeast. To the smaller batch I addded one litre each of an old or stock ale, and another of a triple stout. Both of these beers were brewed about six years ago and with brettanomyces. I have been waiting for the right opportunity to use these beers. The smaller batch kicked off – the brett is pretty hardy, and fermented for about a week or so, it was added back to the main batch when that had finished fermenting. Some more of the stock ale and the aged stout has been added. Although young, the beer is tasting quite good. At 11% alcohol, there is quite a warming character to the beer.

Over the Christmas and New Year break I will keg a couple of litres for sampling, and bottle the rest will be bottle conditioned in 750 ml bottles. There will probably be about 35 numbered bottles.



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