First runnings brettanomyces dark ale now bottled

The first runnings strong dark ale has been bottled. I did call this beer a stout, but I now think that misses the mark. The base beer is a dark ale, Night, with an OG of 1048. After boiling, the first runnings had an OG of 1084. The grain bill has crystal malt in it, which to me is a little out of place in a traditional stout.

The beer tastes of sherry, raisins, dark chocolate, plums, and a gentle brettanomyces character. There is also a warming character from the alcohol – at 10%.

There are thirty six 750 ml bottles which will be available for sale shortly (waiting on blank labels) for $35 each at the brewery and on-line. There are also six 330 ml bottles which I’ll use for a tasting or two and to monitor the progress of the beer in the bottle. It is bottle conditioned and will mature for quite some time to come. I think the earliest sensible drinking time would be this winter.

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