Cerny Pivo wort kit

I am now brewing wort kits every Monday. This coming Monday (July 15th) was supposed to be the Wheat beer again. But, I don’t have enough wheat malt so I decided to brew with the malt I have. I haven’t brewed a dark wort kit yet so with the malt there is I have settled … Read more

New England IPA: hype & disappointment

I’ve been thinking about brewing a New England IPA (NEIPA). The style has been hugely popular for several years now. I first learnt about it maybe three or four years ago when Sam Haldane from Shennanigans sent me some articles about it. He sent me the articles because he knew I really liked the Wyeast … Read more

Australia Day in the Hawkesbury festival

Casey’s Brewery will be at the Australia Day in the Hawkesbury festival again this year. It’s a Saturday this year. The festival goes from 4 pm to 9 pm at Governor Phillip Park on the river bank. We will have three beers on tap: Lounge, Titfer and Night.

First wort beer – Brettanomyces Stout

While brewing a new batch of Night several weeks ago, I collected about 35 litres of the first runnings. This is the best part of the wort. After boiling the gravity was 1085, it was hopped to 50 IBU with Fuggles. The cooled wort was divided into two batches, one of about 26 litres, the … Read more

New opening hours

I’ve got all the paperwork done with Penrith Council and the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing. Starting this Sunday October 28th the brewery will be open for cellar door sales of bottles, growlers and keg fills: Thursday 6pm to 8pm Friday 6pm to 8pm Saturday 2pm to 6pm Sunday 11am to 4 pm  

DA approved

The DA for cellar door sales has been approved. Still more officialdom to come. Need to apply for changes to the retail hours on the liquor licence. And still need to have Council come and inspect the “work” for the DA and issue and Occupation Certificate. Getting there.

New hours coming for cellar door sales

In the next month or so I hope to have regular retail hours for cellar door sales. Looking at Thursday and Friday evenings, Saturday afternoons, and Sunday days. Currently wading through officialdom to get it done. Will be able to do growlers and keg refills while you wait as well as bottle sales.