Beer kegs for sale and party hire

From mid-July 50 litre kegs of Lounge and Titfer will be available for retail sale from the website. Great if you have a kegerator. Will also have complete set ups for for party hire: beer, jockey box/magic box, gas, regulator, keg coupler. New branded kegs should be arriving this week.

Red ale trial brews

I am planning a Red Ale as the first of the special beers. It has a twist, which I will be coy about. I’ve done two trial brews. The first was a few weeks ago. I got the twist right but not the colour. Usually the colour is obtained by using a fair amount of … Read more

Sunset Festival at Windsor

This coming Friday, Dec 2nd, I’ll be taking the beer to the Easy Lane Sunset Festival at Windsor RSL. Runs from 5 pm to 10 pm, free admission. There will be food stalls, cider and at least one other beer stall. Easy Lane Sunset Festival